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    Poemas en inglés para niños y niñas

    Poema "Snowball " de Shel Silverstein

    I made myself a snowball
    As perfect as could be.

    I thought I'd keep it as a pet
    And let it sleep with me.

    I made it some pajamas
    And a pillow for its head.

    Then last night it ran away,
    But first it wet the bed.

    Poema "Friends" de Abbie Farwell Brown

    How good to lie a little while
    And look up through the tree!
    The Sky is like a kind big smile
    Bent sweetly over me.

    The Sunshine flickers through the lace
    Of leaves above my head,
    And kisses me upon the face
    Like Mother, before bed.

    The Wind comes stealing o'er the grass
    To whisper pretty things;
    And though I cannot see him pass,
    I feel his careful wings.

    So many gentle Friends are near
    Whom one can scarcely see,
    A child should never feel a fear,
    Wherever he may be.

    Poema "Peace day poem"

    One Two,

    Peace to you

    Three, four,

    Open a door,

    Five, six,

    Don’t throw sticks,

    Seven, eight,

    Love is great,

    Nine, ten,

    Peace is my friend.

    Poema "Halloween Day Poem"

    Here you are, dressed up for the hight.

    You Knock and knock hoping to frigth.

    Instead I am dressed up too.

    I give you a fright when I Yell BOO!

    Poema "The good little boy" de Edgar Guest

    Once there was a boy who never
    Tore his clothes, or hardly ever,
    Never made his sister mad,
    Never whipped fer being bad,
    Never scolded by his Ma,
    Never frowned at by his Pa,
    Always fit fer folks to see,
    Always good as good could be.

    This good little boy from Heaven,
    So I'm told, was only seven,
    Yet he never shed real tears
    When his mother scrubbed his ears,
    An' at times when he was dressed
    Fer a party, in his best,
    He was careful of his shirt
    Not to get it smeared with dirt.

    Used to study late at night,
    Learning how to read and write;
    When he played a baseball game,
    Right away he always came
    When his mother called him in.
    And he never made a din
    But was quiet as a mouse
    when they'd company in the house.

    Liked to wash his hands and face,
    Liked to work around the place;
    Never, when he'd tired of play,
    Left his wagon in the way,
    Or his bat and ball around...
    Put them where they could be found;
    And that good boy married Ma,
    And today he is my Pa.

    Poema "Doggy Heaven" de Larry Huggins

    All doggies go to heaven (or so I’ve been told).
    They run and play along the streets of Gold.
    Why is heaven such a doggie-delight?
    Why, because there’s not a single cat in sight!

    Poema "Tinkle, Tinkle little car" de Cecilia L. Goodbody

    Tinkle, Tinkle little car
    How I wonder what you are.
    Leaking oil every day
    Having it your own way.
    Going up hills real slow
    I don’t want you any mo’.
    Tinkle, Tinkle little car
    Boy, what a lemon you are.

    Poema "The rainbow" de Christina Rossetti

    Boats sail on the rivers,
    And ships sail on the seas;
    But clouds that sail across the sky
    Are prettier than these.
    There are bridges on the rivers,
    As pretty as you please;
    But the bow that bridges heaven,
    And overtops the trees,
    And builds a road from earth to sky,
    Is prettier far than these.

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